Dear Grandchild

Below is a letter written by my mother to her 11 grandchildren.  My kids had fun trying to guess which memories were about them.  I hope this letter makes you smile as much as I did.  A letter from the heart could be the best gift on earth.  Thanks mom!  Love you!

Dear Grandchild:

The tiny glass hummingbird in my window filters sunlight and reminds me of you, a dancing flicker of light, never still.   I’m thinking of you today, and I miss you.  The day you were born, we whispered, “Praise God”, and still feel that way.  So many memories:  mountains of bubbles in your bath, walks to search for birds and flowers and seashells, and the sun rise on a dark beach.  With our aprons on, you and I made spaghetti sauce and salad and cookies.  Your artwork touched me– bright flowers, the sun, autumn leaves and a light shining in the window. There were treasured phone calls from you singing Happy Birthday, and reciting the alphabet and Pledge of Allegiance.  Over the years your tech skills impressed me but nothing pleased me more than watching you read from a book that needed no batteries.  When I overheard your conversations with imaginary friends, they became my friends too.  I was thrilled to watch you race after a baseball, a soccer ball or football, then pass it to a team-mate who made the score.  Teamwork is beautiful.  I watched a NASCAR race with one of you, and both our favorite drivers finished in the top five!

When you gave up your bedroom during our visits, it touched my heart.  When you hurried to find my shoes without being asked, you made me smile.  Traces of you were found all over the house when you left: fingerprints on the windows, a candy wrapper on the floor, a half-finished Coke on the table, a block under the sofa, Cheerios on the high chair and a mysterious pile of acorns in the back yard.  I remember your baptism, your birthday, your game and your graduation and loved every minute.

Over the years, you made me laugh and cry and inspired me to write stories and poems about you.   So now I’m offering a bit of advice even though you didn’t ask for it.  Don’t worry so much about tomorrow that you forget to see today.  Love your family and all the things they do for you; they are the best friends you’ll ever have.   I just wanted to say you’ll always be special to me. I believe in you and pray that your dreams come true. I love you very much… even when you ask why I have stripes on my face!

Hugs and kisses,  


Written by Ruth Varner



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  1. What a beautiful letter, one to be cherished. Now we know where this writing talent come from, a real gift! Loved it and passed it on to Irby who agrees fully.

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