Happy Holidays

Every year I send out a holiday card to all my friends and family.   I try to choose a good photo that sums up the year.  This year was no different.  In early December I started brain storming.   I searched through the hundreds of photos that I snapped throughout the year.  Nothing.  They all seemed so boring. To be honest,  I wasn’t sure if a card would ever happen this year between all of the kids activities and hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

The Birth Of Our Card

We decorated our Christmas tree one quiet night in early December.  It was an unplanned moment that unfolded into a great memory with the kids.   The older three are finally old enough to actually help and 2 year-old Maggie was in awe as Christmas unfolded in front of her.  She couldn’t stop staring at the lights and sparkly ornaments. Her innocence brought a smile to all of our faces.  The hours snuck away from us and before we knew it, it was past their bed time.  I sent everyone upstairs to put on their pajamas.   I used those few kid-free moments to clean up some of the mess strewn all over the family room.  The hubs made a cozy fire and we were definitely feeling the Christmas spirit .  There is something very satisfying about crossing “decorating the tree” off of my enormous holiday to-do list.

One by one the kids made their way downstairs to kiss us goodnight and then Maggie entered the room.  She was butt naked, carrying her pajamas and diaper in her hands.   To say that it caught us off guard is an understatement.  We laughed our sides off and through the laughter I  informed her of the obvious,  “Maggie!  You forgot your clothes girl.”  She ignored me, dropped her pajamas on the floor, walked right up to the tree, put her hands on her hips and BOOM…our Christmas card was born.


No skirt on the tree = proof that I didn’t stage this photo

Snapped with an iPhone.  It is imperfectly perfect.  I can’t think of a better photo to sum up our year.  This is totally my life.  Just as soon as I feel like things are going well, something crazy and unplanned happens.  I think this is true for just about everyone I know.  Life is a constant roller coaster ride, so hang on.  You can either laugh or cry.  I choose to laugh.  After all, laughter is the best medicine on earth.

Happy holidays to all of you from my crazy home to yours!  May 2014 be full of prosperity, good health and happiness for all of us!


Mrs. D

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  1. truely the spirit of christmas. no staging, no dress up, no card collage of the years images. a snapshot of what christmas should be. thanks mrs. d for keeping it real.

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