Save Me # 64

I got up early this morning.  Don’t give me too much credit.  I couldn’t sleep so I decided to make the most of it.  I got my chef on and made a fancy breakfast.  And by fancy I mean warm.   Cheese omelets, fresh fruit cup and bacon were on the menu.  One by one they came downstairs and devoured their plate of morning goodness.  It was a proud moment for me.  There is something very satisfying when your kids eat a good breakfast.  I sat in my chair and enjoyed my coffee and listened to their morning chatter.

Molly: ” Oh yeah baby!  Its Friday!  Woo hoo!  Thanks for breakfast mom.  This looks great!”

Me: “You’re very welcome!”

Flynn: “Yeah.  Thanks mom.  I love bacon. Can I get more?”

Me: “You’re welcome. Sure.  Eat until you are full.”

Teagan: “I’m full.”

Me: “Girlfriend, you only ate half of your omelet.”

Teagan: “I know but I’m full.”

Me: “OK.  Clear your plate.”

She brings her plate to the sink.  Flynn is helping himself to another piece of bacon and Molly is still eating her breakfast.

Flynn: “Mom?”

Me: “Yes?”

Flynn: “What’s for dinner?”

Molly: “Oh!  Can we make homemade pizza?”

Flynn: “No way.  I want mashed potatoes and gravy”

Teagan: “Pizza! Pizza! Pizza”

Maggie: “Pizza! Pizza!Pizza!”

Flynn: (trying to change Maggie’s mind) “No Maggie.  Say Mashed Po Tay Toes, Mashed Po Tay Toes”

Molly: (All smiles and standing on her chair) “Yes.  That’s right.  Everybody sing my awesome idea.  Pizza! Pizza!  Pizza!”

Me: (trying to regain control) “Hello?  You (I point to Molly) Sit down! (She sits) Children!  It’s 7:45 am.  Why are we discussing dinner?”

Molly: “So you know what to buy while we are at school.”

Flynn: “Yeah.  You always ask us for dinner ideas.”

Me: “Oh.  Sure.  I’m your personal chef.”

Molly: (a true confession) “Mom!  Sorry but we LOVE food!”

Teagan:(circles back to the chant) “Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

Maggie: (joining in on the fun) “Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

Me: ‘What happened to my nice breakfast?”


“What’s for dinner?” at breakfast will make any sane woman insane.

Someone save me!

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