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It wasn’t long after Norm passed when a Facebook post caught my eye.   I  honestly can’t remember the name of the author but her words are forever embedded in my mind.  She was an animal lover.  You could tell by the way her story hung so heavy in her heart.  She was passionate with her message and it touched me.  She worked at an animal shelter and was forced to watch perfectly good dogs being euthanized.  If it were humanly possible, she would rescue all of them.  Instead, she was doing her best to market animal adoption to the world.  Her sales pitch worked on me.  She wrote:

“They have a sixth sense.  It’s as if they know their fate.  They all seem to drag their hind legs upon entering the room where their life will end.”

and then she went on to say:

“A pile of lifeless dogs are stacked in the back like fire wood. I hate it but it’s true.”

I know that isn’t easy to read.  It isn’t easy to write and it certainly cannot be easy to do but that is what happens when perfectly good, lovable shelter dogs don’t find a home.  It was after reading this when I decided that I would do my part and save a dog.  I wasn’t ready to adopt at that particular moment but I made a promise to myself to rescue a dog when I was ready.



Sometimes you don’t seek a new pet but they find you.  That’s how I found Ace.  I was minding my own business (and reading everyone else’s) when I scrolled right past a photo of him with his foster mommy on Facebook.  I scrolled back.  I paused.  I smiled.  Then I tried to move forward but I wanted another look at him. I sat there at my kitchen table gazing at the computer screen.  I must have studied him for at least ten minutes.  He was perfect.  I think I actually got teary eyed but don’t tell anyone because it makes me sound like an emotional sissy or possibly a psycho dog-stalker freak.  Anyway, I couldn’t stop looking at him.  It’s as if he was speaking to me.  He seemed to have a sweet spirit.  I inquired immediately.

Apparently someone else thought Ace would make a great dog too!  He was originally rescued from a shelter.  Unfortunately, the owner was in the military and was sent over seas and he could not keep Ace.  He left the dog with his mother to care for him until he returned.  Can I just say….in her mind, I’m sure she did the best she could.  I can’t help but defend her a little.  After all, she never asked for the pet.  It was kind of dumped in her lap.  Regardless, Ace was neglected.  He was tied up in the back yard and fed crappy dog food for several months.  Eventually the excessive rain and poor diet caught up with ol’ Ace.  At some point, Grandma felt bad enough to bring Ace in to see the vet and get treated.  His fur was straw, he had hot spots and the area around his neck was so raw from the collar rubbing him that it basically needed to be cut off so his skin could heal.  The vet and a local labrador rescue organization teamed up and took Ace under their wings.

They did a fantastic job and now Ace needs a forever home.  I can’t think of a better place than the Doherty home…can you?  Molly said it best.  “Our hearts are empty without a dog”.  It seems that Ace also has a broken heart making us a match made in heaven.   Dogs make the world a better place.  They teach loyalty, patience, discipline, responsibility and unconditional love.  We will welcome Ace to our home tomorrow night.  We are beyond excited. To us, a dog is not just a pet.  He is a family member.  Welcome to the family Ace.


Are you looking for a new pet?  Please consider adopting from your local shelter!  They need you!



11 thoughts on “Rescue Me

  1. Melissa- Ace is working out great! I think Norm must have pulled us together. I bet all of the “great ones” chat it up when we are sleeping! Ha! I can see Norm giving Ace the low down. “She’s bossy, she’s sweet, she’ll give you a treat if you sit by the jar and he’s the only dude in the house so be nice to him.” lol

  2. Thanks Janiece! Ace is an absolute angel with my kids so far. He is so mellow and so loving!! All he wants to do is put his head on your lap and cuddle. I am really baffled as to why anyone would neglect him. He has chewed nothing and has had no accidents in the house. This is my first rescue but will NOT be my last.

  3. Aw, thanks Elizabeth! Welcome aboard the unleashed train! Sometimes my posts are sweet, sometimes they are funny and sometimes they are just wrong but they are almost always entertaining! Thanks for reading!

  4. All of our pets are “rescues”. Personally I think they also rescued us. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have a black lab and an elkhound plus 2 cats. Throw in 3 kids and its a full loud wonderful household! I can’t wait to hear how it goes with Ace and your kids.

  5. I’m so excited for you – we LOVE Ace! I was sitting on the beach when I got a text with his story from his foster mama. We’d lost our chocolate 15 year old a few days before. We even got to foster him for a week while his foster-mama was out of town. He helped heal our hearts because I couldn’t deal with a house without a dog. My kids think chocolate is the best medicine. Happy Life Ace!

  6. Thanks Melissa! We are very excited to welcome our new addition! I am so happy that we helped a dog find a loving home. We will treat him like a piece of Godiva chocolate. I’m sure there are lots of wonderful memories in our future together. There are so many dogs with similar stories, kinda sad. Maybe Ace’s story will inspire more adoptions.

  7. I can’t wait to see pictures, video and updates of Ace enjoying your family. He is so cute and you are all lucky to have found one another. I used to work at a vets office and have seen animals come in in that exact condition you described. I watched them use bolt cutters to remove a choker chain that was embedded into a Rottweiler’s neck once. I will never forget it! Sometimes animals are mistreated but sometimes (very often) elderly cannot take good care of an animal and don’t realize the poor condition they are in. I am so happy for your family and I know Norm is watching and happy that Ace has come to look after his little peeps.

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