Save Me #53

Me: “Hi! I’m Ronda Doherty.  Flynn’s mom.  Nice to meet you.”

Joe: “Nice to meet you too.  Doherty.  Mmmm…that’s Irish.  You don’t look Irish. ”

Me: “Yeah.  I know.  I married an Irish guy.”

Joe: “I see.  How bout you?  What’s your background? Ya gotta be Italian.”

Me: (Damn it!  I hate this question) “No.  I’m not Italian.  I’m a mutt.”

Joe: “What?”

Me: “I’m little of everything.  I donno.  I’m American.  An American mutt.”(awkward pause but I keep the conversation positive)  “Mutt’s are healthier and live longer ya know?”

Joe:  (slowly backs away and laughs an uncomfortable laugh as he waves goodbye)

Goodbye Joe.  You don’t know Mrs. D yet but one day you will appreciate a good mutt.  Small talk blows.  Someone save me.