Well, It’s a Start?

Greetings!  Summer is over and Mrs. D is back!!!  I sent my 3rd baby to kindergarten this morning (sniff, sniff).  Her teacher is Mrs. S.  She is the same one Molly had.  I love her to death!  She asked all the parents to describe their child in the form of a letter. Here is my verbal diarrhea. I thought honesty would be the best policy, right?


Act II – We meet again.

Heeelllllooo there Miss S!  You brave soul.  Going for a double dose of the Doherty girls, huh?  First Molly and now Teagan.  I love that!  You have no idea how excited I was to hear the news!  Hip Hip Hooray!

First of all, sorry we did not make it to orientation.  I am a slacker and we were at the beach.  Horrible, I know.  I can’t even think of a way to make the beach sound like a legitimate reason to miss my child’s kindergarten orientation, so I didn’t bother sugar-coating it.

Anyway, here I am at 11:30pm the night before the first day of school, looking at paperwork and scrambling to look like I have it all together for my little sweetie coming to you in the morning.

A letter to describe my child:

Teagan is a quiet, gentle soul.  She is my third child out of four and by many standards she is a true middle child.  She is usually very agreeable and has a heart of gold.  She really does.  I’m not saying she is perfect by any stretch but she almost always has good intentions.  She loves rules and structure and on the first few days you may see her “deer in the headlight” face which will probably make you want to hug her.  Can I give you permission to do that?  Are hugs allowed in school?  I don’t know but if you need my permission, you have it.  A hug goes a long way with Teagan.  She is my easiest child to discipline. If she annoys you, just give her “stern eyes” and she should straighten right up.  It is quite possible that you may see tears with stern eyes but I’m OK with that too.  I don’t want my kid being the classroom brat. Oh- and email/call me if she is ever a problem.  You poor teachers deal with too much.  I will follow-up on my end as well.

What else?  Mmmmm..she eats like a bird.  She is left-handed.  She is very creative and slightly artsy.  She is quiet but social.  She is certainly NOT an athlete but she has more grace than I will ever have.  Not to brag BUT…girlfriend can hula hoop like a champion.  I’m serious.  She barely moves those little hips and that thing doesn’t stop. Actually, maybe she’s a dancer?  I read in your newsletter that you are a dancer. Maybe in your spare time (ha ha) you could check that out for me and let me know. This way I can either move forward or cross “ballerina” off of her list of talents.  I’m sorry to say this but she does whine.  It’s awful and we are working on it but it’s true. I’m so, so, so sorry!  I thought it might help to let you know that I hate it too.

I don’t know.  I’m just throwing it all out there.  My goal for her this year is fairly simple. I would like to see her develop a love for learning and to build her confidence as a person.  I’m sure some of these letters that you are forced to read are obnoxious so please don’t sit my kid anywhere near their brats.  It has been my experience that obnoxious parents have obnoxious children.  I’m sure you can understand my concern.

Maybe I made you laugh or maybe you will drink a whole bottle of wine tonight dreading  an entire school year dealing with “Teagan’s mom” / loon.  I can only hope that I am celebrated and not dreaded.  Either way, I want you to know that I respect teachers and I have a great admiration for the ones that do it well.  You are definitely one of the great ones!  Teagan is in great hands!  We are both looking forward to a wonderful year!  No pressure….now go get ’em tiger!!!


8 thoughts on “Well, It’s a Start?

  1. This letter was a perfect description of your baby girl whom we all love so much. I am sure you are officially the teacher’s favorite parent!! Doherty’s rock! Hilarious!!

  2. Rhonda: What a way with words, love reading this as I have others. Your darling children are so very lucky to have you!! Enjoy…..Nameste!

  3. Ohhhhh, that was good stuff. I only think you should add “I don’t care about arts and crafts that look like Pinterest projects (you don’t, do you?) so please dont waste your time, money, or energy making them, as I will not be hanging them on the wall at my house. We gottz to work together, Teach!

    And dont worry. Our poor teacher, who is actually not necessarily our teacher had to listen to me ramble about how H wanted to ride the Bus TO school, on her first day of K5 EVER and leave me at home. All the poor teacher wanted to know was which way to send her out when school was over. BOOM!

  4. Loved this little glimpse in to T! Update your readers with the teacher’s response! I’m sure she celebrates you!!!!

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