Top 10 Signs Your Spouse Grew Up In Boston

10. You have to translate the phrase “It’s wicked hot heyah” to your southern relatives

9. A Dunkin Donuts “Regulah” coffee IS breakfast.

8. There are ONLY 4 teams “Loosah”. Patriots, Bruins, Celtics and Red Sox

7. He has a cousin working in every “depahtment” in every town. (cops, firefighters, etc)

6. What do mean you’re not Irish Catholic?

5. When people tell him he has a funny accent he responds “Whatevah” and changes the subject

4. Typical spring attire includes shorts with a winter hat. Totally normal?

3. The terms  “pissah”, “packy” and “clickah” might be your toddlers first words.

2. Every trip on the Mass Pike includes at least one rant.”Seriously? Get EZ Pass douchebag”

1. Definition of justice- hand the bomber over to the people of “Dorchestah”. F**k ’em.

Boston Skyline

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