Been there, Done that

Social Media is taking over the planet people!  You can either embrace it or get left in the dust.

pig pen

Pig Pen didn’t think it was important to embrace social media. Poor Pig Pen, he’s so dusty.

Today I am catering to all of the Pinning whores out there!  You know who you are!  Don’t deny it.  You would pin all night if you didn’t have to sleep.  Pinterest is all the craze right now.   For those of you who don’t know, it’s a virtual bulletin board where you can organize your ideas using images.

bulletin board

Some people make boards for weddings, some pin home decorating ideas, some pin recipes.  There are thousands of boards with an endless supply of internet images.   It’s another tool for networking and sharing ideas.  I have been racking my brain on how I can share my blog on Pinterest and then…it came to me!  Keep reading if you want to be part of the fun!

I have listed 5 simple steps to make it easy for you!

Step 1: Create a Pinterest account for yourself.  It’s fairly easy, all you need is an email account.

Step 2: Create a board called “been there, done that”.  This is where you will pin all of your badges you have earned.

Step 3: Shop for your badges.  Remember the flair buttons from Facebook way back when?  Well, I made my own buttons that I am calling “been there, done that badges”.  These are badges that you can find on my website on a new page called Pinterest Badges.  How is that for a creative title?  You can shop there for FREE (retail therapy) and copy the badges onto your own Pinterest board.   I have 10 ready to pin and more coming!

Example Badge:

photo (9)

Step 3: Copy it and pin it onto your “been there, done that” board.  See how many you can collect.  I warn you, it’s not easy keeping up with Mrs. D.

I admit, most of my badges are not the normal things people celebrate.  I think that is half the fun.  I imagine this type of dialog in the near future. “Oh you feel like you can’t remember anything today?  Don’t get down on yourself.  You have earned the Mombie badge!  Go get it and pin it!  I’m sure it will make you feel better.”

Step 4: Brag.  I encourage you to brag about your badge to others.  You earned the badge and you should show it off.  Why not?  It’s time the world celebrates imperfection!

Step 5:  Don’t forget to follow me around on Pinterest.  It’s cool to follow people, not creepy.  Here is the link for the technically challenged.

Follow Mrs. D on Pinterest

Have fun pinning!

Please like this, if you like this.  Then I will know it was totally worth it to ignore my kids all week while I created these badges for you!  Don’t judge.  Teaching a child “independence” is another example of good parenting!