Best Christmas Gift Ever

And just like that…WHAMO…it’s Christmas season.  Are you ready?  Of course you aren’t ready.  Is anyone?  The only person that could possibly be anywhere near ready is that pesky Mrs. Jones. The rest of us are sitting on the couch stuffed from Thanksgiving talking about that diet that we have GOT to start!

OMG!  Christmas?  Holy crap!  I love Christmas but not the way men love it.  The men have it so good!  They come home from work and the house is decorated.  The cookies are made and “Santa” delivers all of these wonderful gifts.  Ah yes!  Men and children get to enjoy the magic.  God love them!  It’s cute how they never grow up, isn’t it?

It’s black Friday!   The first day of the season.  Let the magic begin ladies!  All of the black Friday shoppers will soon pop up on your Facebook news feed bragging about  the deals they got this morning.  Don’t let it annoy you because you are still in this!

Mrs. D is gonna hook you up today and you do not have to leave your home.  Is there anything more magical than shopping on your couch in your PJ’s?  I don’t think so!  I am going to help you cross some of the most difficult people off your list!   You know the people I’m talking about.  The people who get 1 of the 4  “safe gifts”.  Safe gifts include things like a candle, a bottle of wine, bubble bath or a book.  They are guaranteed to fit and everyone can use them.  This year I have hand selected the perfect gift for you to give.  You only need your laptop and your wallet!  Sorry.  If it were up to me I would give everyone a free copy but then I wouldn’t be able to pay my mortgage.  Oh yeah baby…here it is!  [ Insert shameless book plug here]


A book.  Everyone loves to read, right?  You do NOT want to miss out.  I really believe that this book would totally make Oprah’s book club if I didn’t have such a potty mouth.  I can’t help it though?  I can’t swear at home unless I write it and sometimes it’s the only accurate way to express myself.  I’m kinda over trying to look like a perfect mom.  I’m raw and usually inappropriate but I’m real.  I donno?  I could be wrong but I feel like there are others out there who are just like me.  Read the book and step into my world. I can guarantee you will finish each story and believe wholeheartedly that you have your shit together.  I make people feel good because I am a hot mess! Each chapter tells a new story.  Sit down and read the whole thing or read one chapter at a time.  The choice is yours.  There is a paperback and an ebook available. I couldn’t afford the hard cover so don’t ask for it.

I personally think a bottle of wine and Go Unleashed would be a slam dunk gift for that certain someone who might need a little attitude adjustment.  Give them a dose of the best medicine on earth, laughter!  It never goes out of style and let’s be honest we all love to be stylish.  All the black Friday shoppers will be jealous and you can focus on making the holidays magical at home.  Do it and tell your friends or I will blog nasty things about you!



5 thoughts on “Best Christmas Gift Ever

  1. I LOVE YOUR VIDEO! And you’re right. That IS good parenting.
    Your book is going on my Amazon wish list. The one that I set up specifically for The Manchild because I told him that if he bought me one more lame gift this year (like the yard gnome, diamond bracelet, or monkey socks), that I was going to banish him to “The Land of Couch Sleeping” until he had a chance to redeem himself on Valentine’s Day, for which neither of us had any hope either.

  2. I have shopped! Amazon was easy and shipping can be free and quick! Thanks, Mrs. D. Now can you do the rest of my shopping for me?

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