Photobomb Diggity

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a passion for photobombing.  Let me catch everyone up to speed before I go any further.  What is a photobomb?  I think the best definition came from the Urban Dictionary (see below).

Photobomb – to drop in a photo unexpectedly…to hop in a picture right before it is taken.  Any time the background of a picture hijacks the original focus.

The word photobomb is a fairly modern term but the art of ruining photos has been around for decades.


This one is tricky.  Look very carefully.  Peek-a-boo


beatle photo bomb

Apparently, The Beatles also loved a good photobomb.

It’s hard to put my finger on the exact reason why I love photobombing.  I think it’s the simple element of surprise that makes me laugh.  It’s like a fart, immature…yet highly entertaining.  Part of you says “that is so stupid” and the other part laughs.  There are definitely people who have this art down to a science.  It’s a game of timing.  If your timing is off, the humor is lost.

Last fall I went on my first cruise.   I have to say photobombing was indeed a highlight.  There were professional photographers absolutely everywhere.  I was in heaven.  They had a bazillion cheesy setups all over the ship. There was a baby grand piano with a rose resting on top, there was a fake ship scene, there was the “welcome aboard” photo in front of a life saving device, there was the Olan Mills style photo, the options were endless and the photographers were hungry.   If you ever go on a cruise, prepare to be bombarded by every photographer on board.  It’s what I like to call the “cruise-arazzi”. It was this sort of scene all over the ship and…well…I had fun with it. Sometimes I performed a perfect photobomb and sometimes I failed miserably.  Here are 3 examples.

Example 1:  I stood behind an absolutely huge family posing for a reunion photo and tried to mingle like I was supposed to be there. My timing was off and the photographer took too long to snap the photo.  People start to notice and give me the look.  You know the look.  It’s the “why are you in our photo? look.”  I am forced to respond. “Oh?  My gosh.  I’m so sorry.  I didn’t know this was your family reunion photo?  Silly me.  Is that why you all having matching t-shirts?” (I leave the scene with my head hung low. FAIL! My timing was off.)

Example 2:  I see 3 young girls holding that perfect smile.  One stops the photographer to adjust her shirt so there are no blemishes and then regroups.  They hold that perfect smile for the perfect photo.  The photographer counts 1-2- PHOTOBOMB!  Got it!

Example 3:  A group of women want a photo with that cute waiter.  He is holding my drink but is distracted by their desire for a picture. I wait for the count 1-2- PHOTOBOMB.  I grab my drink off the tray and my arm makes the photo.  They give me the look.  I am forced to respond. “Oh?  Excuse me?  I am so sorry. Was that my arm in the photo? I do apologize. I figured I would help him out.” I walk away giggling.

My gosh was it entertaining! So many photographers.  So many people posing and smiling.  A photobombing haven.

When I wasn’t photobombing, I spent my time harassing photographers and ruining more pictures.  During the dinner photos I was the “ever disappointing model”. They would try ever so desperately to get a nice casual shot and I couldn’t get it right no matter how hard I “tried”. Yes, I admit it.  I intentionally messed up the picture every…single…time.  Maybe some of you reading this blog will think that is rude?  Well, perhaps? But in my defense I thought it was rude how they assumed I wanted a picture of myself eating. That being said, I also thought it was sweet how they never gave up on me.  They believed in me.  I love that!

Example 1:

Me: I close my eyes at the exact moment the photo is taken (sheer talent)

Photographer: (Click #1)  “Oh no! Your eyes were closed.  Let’s do another.”

Example 2:

Me: I look out the window on purpose.

Photographer: (Click #2) “Oh no!  You weren’t looking.”

Example 3:

Me: Not laughing.  Keeping a straight face.  It’s important to stay in character here. I make my tongue fat and stick it out just a little.

Photographer: (Click #3)  “Oh No!” (eyes wide in shock) “Your tongue was actually out. That is terrible!” (he fumbles to delete that one immediately) “OK. One more try.”

Example 4:

Me: I wink at him.  A sexy wink (yeah right?) .

Photographer: (Click #4) “Um.I think you winked at me. Did you wink at me?”  (He scrolls back to look at the photo and I interrupt his research with my answer.)

Me: “I did not!”(acting offended) “I’m married.”

Photographer: He gives up and moves to next cruiser.

It’s pitiful how I entertain myself.  I really need to get out more.  Those poor photographers.  I’m not sure if I should say “I’m sorry” or “Thank you!” to them.  There is one thing I know for sure, they were by far the best cruise entertainment

How could I have a blog about photobombing without including some actual photos.  I combed the internet looking for examples of photobombing for your entertainment. I have posted some of my internet favorites below.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

stingray photobomb

I’m not sure what is more shocking about this photo. The stingray photobombing  the girls or the nice old lady watching like it’s a sweet moment.

creepy guy watching a kiss photo bomb

It should be against the law to be THAT creepy!

mooning photo bomb engagement

Awww…a proposal under a full moon. So sweet!

pyramid photo bomb

Well played, well played.

guy on a horse statue photo bomb

It’s like they put the horses there on purpose to encourage moments like this.

sip photobomb

It’s all about being in the right place at the right time.

grandma photobomb

The world’s coolest grandma!

horsehead photobomb

Mental note: Buy a horse head! This is fantastic.

car photo bomb

He must have known the symbol on her sunglasses.  Peace!

ocean photobomb

Does anyone else hear Jaws music?

weird guy photo bomb

Sometimes the photobomber is ALL you do notice

Now you get the idea.  Make mental notes of the ones that made you laugh because Mrs. D is starting a photobombing contest.

THE CONTEST: The winner will get a free photobombing hat designed by yours truly and a free Go Unleashed book!!!!  WOW!!!!  Isn’t that exciting?

baseball_hat photobomber

This hat explains it all when you pop your head into that photo at the last possible second. Wear it proudly!

Contest starts today and the winner will be declared on April Fool’s Day. 4-1-13. The judge’s say is final (Due to the recession, it looks like I’m the judge).  All entries can be emailed to  All submitted entries can and will be posted on this website or various forms of social media.  Be creative. Points will be awarded for degree of difficulty, element of surprise and if it makes me laugh. Mooning is acceptable but no other nudity allowed.  Old photos found in the attic are acceptable.  Original photos only.  No photoshopping or internet stealing.  You must be able to explain how you were involved with the photobomb submitted.  I will decide the top 3 finalists and then the readers will vote for the winner.  Good luck!  Be sure to share this contest with any friends who share a passion for the art of photobombing.