It’s Going To Be A Great Day

I have my alarm set for 6:45 a.m. but I don’t know why I bother.  Everyday it’s the same routine.  First, I hear his nails on the wooden floor and his tags on his collar jingling.  He stretches his front paws as far as they go and does his canine yoga and then he props his sweet little face on the edge of my bed.


The hair whisps around my face gently blow from his breath.  I am especially tired this morning; so I ignore him.  “Maybe he will lay down and give me 10 more minutes”, I dream.  I know better though; he was not born with a snooze button.  He makes little bear noises to wake me up without disturbing the 2-year-old who made her way into my bed in the middle of the night. How does he know the right volume?  Loud enough to wake mommy but quiet enough so daddy and Maggie can sleep.  It’s our alone time together and he knows exactly how to get it.  My eyes are closed but I can feel him staring at me.  At some point I mentally decide that he is right, I better get up. The list of to-do’s for this morning started scrolling through my head.

As soon as my eyes pop open he gets excited and starts high-stepping with his paws like a miniature Clydesdale.  I glance at the clock, 6:26 a.m. “Good Morning handsome!  Right on time!  Teddy Bear, such a good boy!”  I whisper to him the way dog owners do.  The smile on my face is genuine.  I  love to rub his ears, they are as soft as velvet.  He looks up to remind me to scratch under his chin.  His eyes close and leans into me when I do that.  I slowly climb out of bed and throw on a sweatshirt and my warmest boots.  He watches me from the edge of the closet doors as his tail whips from side to side with excitement. “Are you ready buddy?”  He answers me by racing down the stairs and waits by the back door.

It’s a cold, brisk morning.  The cold air feels good on my face as we both make our way to the edge of the woods where he does his business.  I secretly think he feels embarrassed when I watch him so I look around like I don’t notice.  Now I’m getting cold.  “Hurry up dude!  Who pee’s that much anyway?”  I love him with all my heart but I don’t want him taking advantage of me.  A little nagging goes a long way.  He apologizes for his large bladder with his chocolate-brown eyes. “All right.  Ya done?”  He confirms that he is comfortable by sitting down next to me.  He stares up at me waiting for some love.  How can I resist?  I crouch down next to him and wrap my arms around him.


“You’re a good boy!  A real sweetie.  Do you know that?”  He licks the air next to my face. He has already figured out that I don’t appreciate a true tongue bath the way daddy does.  “All right.  Let’s get breakfast inside where it’s nice and warm.”  He trots behind me and eventually we make our way inside.   I fill his dog bowl with fresh water and food and he inhales it the way chocolate labs do.   I could go back to bed but I opt to make a cup of joe and cuddle on the couch with my newest family member.  He props his head on my lap and closes his eyes.  I rub his soft ears again and slowly sip my coffee.  This is it.  This is happiness.  I, like everyone, am surrounded by chaos and stress.  I need these moments. Thank you Ted.  It’s going to be a great day.


I dedicate this blog to the lab rescue organization where I found Ted.

14 thoughts on “It’s Going To Be A Great Day

  1. I understand the pain of losing a family pet. We lost our yellow lab, Norman, over a year ago and I never thought we would meet another dog as great as he was. Ted proved me wrong. Thank you for your kind words.

  2. I just LOVED your story! You and I are living parallel lives. I got my Cooper from LLR. He was my first Foster….and my first foster fail (I’m on foster fail #2, Mother Hubbard. She has cancer, poor thing…I’m her last stop before going to the Rainbow Bridge….) I have to split my love between my two fur babies….but what you described, is Cooper, 100% (also a chocolate Lab). Thank you for giving Ted a happy home! You rock!

  3. Awesome story, thank you for sharing !
    I lost my dog 4 months ago & although she could be a pain at times, I miss her more then I ever could have imagined. They truly are family & Ted is lucky to have you for his :)

  4. I feel the same way. I adopted Cash from LLR & I love him do much. He sleeps on my side of the bed & I hear him every morning with the same things your lab does. He is the joy in my life. Even though I work I look forward to coming home everyday because I know he is waiting for me. First thing we do is hug & then here comes the red leash and off we go. He is my constant companion & I hope we have many years together. Thank you LLR for the love of my life–He is such a good boy.

  5. I also found my chocolate through LLR and I see and hear so many similarities in our dogs. Luke is a part of our lives and I can’t imagine a day without him. Thanks for sharing your story and thank you LLR for all of your efforts.

  6. Feel exactly the same! Though my time together is when the kids are all in school an I sit down for an afternoon break. We play then collapse on the chair. He thinks he’s still a puppy taking up most of my lap and his head on my shoulder and we snuggle. Best part of my day…gotta love those labs…

  7. This made me tear up! The way you described his breath and grunts. I could hear and feel it, because I’m a corny sap but it made me smile. I know the feeling when our Lexi does it… though a tinier version. I love my moments alone with her when the chaos hasn’t started or when just she and I are together. Sweet, and I am so glad Ted has the Dohertys, I can see through the pictures that you all are his dream come true.

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