4th Grade Wisdom

Nana, my children’s 93-year-old great-grandmother passed away a few weeks ago and naturally my kids were heartbroken.  It’s hard to explain to a child that someone they love moved on to the next phase of life.


They missed a day of school to attend the funeral and to my surprise every student in Flynn’s fourth grade class made him a very sweet sympathy card.   We read them together and I have to say they made us smile.  I love how kids aren’t afraid to talk about their emotions.  Sometimes adults worry too much about saying the wrong thing.  In fact, some are so worried that they say nothing. We can all learn from these fourth graders. They keep it real.   It’s pure honesty from one 9-year-old brain to another.  Here are a few of my favorites.

photo-6Mrs. D translation: Emma is a smart girl!  If things aren’t going well in your life, ignore them.  Focus on the stuff that is going right.  Let those bills that you can’t afford pile to the ceiling and go snuggle with your kids.  You will feel better.


Mrs. D translation:   You aren’t alone; Addison is your friend. Hang on tight brother, this is just the beginning.  Life has lots of ups and downs. Look on the bright side.  The best part about being down is that there is only way to go…up!

photo-3Mrs. D’s translation:  Don’t dwell on dead things like dogs and people.  Keep them in your heart forever but remember to continue to move forward.  Life is like a revolving door.  Keep moving or it will knock you on your ass.



And my personal favorite!!!

photo-7Amen!  This one needs a frame. Turn the page people.  Whatever happened to you in the past is over.  Use it as a learning tool and grow as a person.  Cherish the memories but for goodness sake, move forward.


I wish all adults were as wise as these 4th graders, don’t you?

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  1. These are beautiful! I love the ray of sunshine in the last one. Some words should be kept forever!

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