The Blame Game

I am so over the blame game.  Seriously.  Who started this?  It seems to happen all over the country.  Parents of babies do it.  Parents of toddlers do it and parents of school age children do it.  It doesn’t matter if you have one child or six. If they get sick, the magnifying glass comes out, the detective hat goes on and you start piecing the clues together to answer the ever popular question:

Who got my child sick?

Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe, little Johnny didn’t really use soap when he “washed” his hands?  Newsflash to all parents everywhere!  Children are little petri dishes.  They have snotty noses, dirty hands and big hearts. They are the only humans on earth who can get away with accidentally sneezing  in your face and then wrapping their filthy hands around you to apologize.  They are nasty little creatures harboring an array of viruses and bacteria.  Unless your home was built inside a germ free bubble, there is a pretty good chance that they will get sick at some point.  Why must it be someone else’s fault?  Damn you… you finger pointing, Purell loving, snot hating, “Couldn’t possibly be MY child, sick accusing parents!  I can’t take it anymore.

I overheard two moms talking today. It was comical.

The Conversation:

Mom 1: (so fake and annoying to listen to)“Hello!  How are you?”

Mom 2: (swaying side to side trying to keep the baby on her hip content) “Doin good.  Ya know? Same ol same ol.”

Mom 1: “No.”  (wide-eyed) “I mean.  How ARE you?” (She begins to dig deeper)  “Everyone in your house healthy?

Mom 2: “Yes.  Everybody is good.  Why?” (Dramatic pause.  Annoyed with the interrogation.) “Are you sick?  How is your house?”

Mom 1: “Well.” (A dramatic pause before she goes in for the kill) “We are fine now but we were all sick as dogs last week.”   

Mom 2: “No way.  With what?”

Mom 1: “Oh my God!  It was an awful stomach bug.  I don’t know where it came from.  I thought it may have been from you since our kids played together last Wednesday but you say your house is healthy.  Now I don’t know where it came from?” (Can you imagine?  Blaming the playdate.  GASP!  So bitchy, right?)

Mom 2: (jaw drops and then she kicks into self defense mode) “Oh no.  Nobody was sick.  Sara had a runny nose but that was from her allergies.  It wasn’t us.”  (Annoyed that she was targeted) “Definitely not.”

The Aftermath:

Mom 1 walks away defeated.  She puts her detective hat on and continues to search for someone to blame because obviously her child is well fed, clean and basically perfect.

Mom 2 makes a mental note.  Sara is never allowed to play with friends during allergy season.


The Conclusion:

Here is the thing.  I know it’s annoying to have a sick child but it really doesn’t  matter where your child caught the virus.  Does it?  Pointing the finger won’t make it go away.  It won’t help you prevent a future outbreak.  It doesn’t change the fact that you have a sick baby at home.  All it does is create aggravation.

Welcome to having kids where every season is germ season.  And when germ season is over, lice season begins.  Do yourself a favor and burn your detective hat.  It makes far more sense to stock up on meds and dig deep for an abundance of patience.  Snuggle with your love bugs.   Feel blessed that this will pass and don’t forget to pray.  Pray with all your heart  that the germs that entered your home don’t find their way over to your husband’s pillow because we all know that a man cold is far more torture.




2 thoughts on “The Blame Game

  1. It’s the most annoying thing!! Yes, I feel bad when my children are sick and yes if I know they are sick then I keep them as far away as I can from anyone as I possibly can, but most of the time, once you know your kid is sick, they have already infected someone else. But it started somewhere, hunker down, get ready for a long couple of days and hope for it to pass quickly!!!

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