I’m giving my blog key to a man!

Next week while I am on my cruise, I am giving the key to my blog to a good friend.  There will be a man posting on my blog…GASP!  Get ready!  Ladies, put down your US Weekly and boys turn off the ESPN highlights. He will be my first guest host and I am so excited about it!  Let me introduce you to the always funny Thomas Banks!

Oh Geez! Not that Tommy…


Yes!!!! That’s the one!

Some refer to him as Pugsly or HTB (Handsome Tom Banks). I love him for lots of reasons but mostly because he is one big oxymoron. He is a world famous author

This is the book! Buy it people!!!! You won’t be sorry!

and a favorite at Doherty’s Pub.  He grew up on the east coast but lives on the west coast. He plays rugby yet he writes poetry.  He makes-out with cupcakes yet considers running a hobby. He is a sports guy yet the ladies and kids adore him.  There is a little something for everyone to love about HTB.  Please be sure and make him feel welcome.    Don’t forget to give him a

if you are entertained!  I’ll be back next week in full force with all the scoop from the cruise.  Enjoy my blahhhhhhhhg Pugsly.  Make yourself at home but clean up your mess before I get back!

3 thoughts on “I’m giving my blog key to a man!

  1. Ummmmm, hope HTB is better at blaaaaaaahging than he is at Words with Friends!!! (Ouch!!! 😉 )

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