My First Product Review: Baby Bedding

It is always exciting when you open your door and there is a package waiting for you on the other side but yesterday I received a gift that made my day.  It started about a week ago when Leah and Al from Carousel Designs contacted me and asked me to test out their new nursery designer tool.  Well…you don’t have to ask me twice.  It just so happens that I  have a passion for new products, babies, design (I try) and writing.  This little assignment is like a dream come true.

About a week ago, I logged onto their main website There are tons of choices on baby bedding, all of which are cute I might add, but my job was to test out the nursery design tool.  Well…ok!  Now we are talking. I like it when people give me a focus.   And…did you say …custom?  I likey custom!  Who doesn’t?  I’ve never owned anything custom but I certainly dream about it.  Actually, I think I had a pair of pants tailored once but that doesn’t really count as custom or does it?.

Anywho…I was psyched to check out all my options and get started.    The entire process took about 15 minutes.  Much faster than googling “baby bedding” and checking out 20 random websites without any satisfaction.  It was so user-friendly my grandma could even use it.

The Process:

I brought my laptop upstairs and sat in the girls bedroom. Then I clicked on the nursery design tool .  The first thing I did was change the crib and carpet to match my room.  I started my quilt by picking out the fabric color.  The design tool automatically narrows down your options to coordinating fabrics for you so you don’t feel overwhelmed. [Thank god because I have a baby on my lap trying to teethe on my laptop].   The next step is the fun part!  You can mix/match any of the remaining  fabrics in the cyber nursery to give you a very accurate idea of what it will look like when your bedding arrives at your doorstep.  The drag and drop technique allows you to easily design the front, the back and even the edging.  It’s like a Pinterest project but you don’t have to gather the supplies or have any crafting skills.  If you have eyes and can click a mouse button, you are all set. Genius!  If you can see what you are getting…there is a far greater chance that you will be happy with the final product.  Nobody hates to return items more than me!  Any company that eliminates a trip to the post office with 4 kids in tow will win my business every time.

Once you decide on what you want, you send your order to Carousel Designs.  I’m not sure what goes on there but I imagine there are hundreds of stylish elves who have mad sewing skills working like crazy around the clock.  All that I do know… is that in a few days your little custom bedding shows up at your doorstep and it looks just like it did on the computer and the quality is superior.

The Result:

I ordered a baby quilt that doubles as a tummy time floor blanket.  I have 4 kids..everything doubles.  Maggie is crawling and I was desperate for a soft quilt that I could lay on the floor.  It’s soft, warm and cozy. I wish I knew about this company when I had my first-born.  Why is everything getting cuter and better quality for babies these days ?  I guess I have to stop reproducing at some point, but I will be using this website again.

The Official Test: 

I knew I had a good product on my hands when I placed Maggie in the middle with a few toys and Norman entered the scene.  Apparently, he also enjoys resting on a soft blanket .  He tip toed behind Maggie and body checked her for some Carousel Design real estate. She face planted into the quilt.  [dramatic pause…waiting for the cry…wait for it…] There was no cry.  She popped her head up and gave me her trademark gummy grin.  Being the kind, loving, parent-of -the-year that I am…I caught this moment on film [see  below].  Spread the word to all your friends who are knocked up, tired of buying maternity clothes and ready to focus on their future.  Thank you, Carousel Designs! Check it out.  It’s fun!


Norman claiming his real estate

Maggie loves her new quilt


4 thoughts on “My First Product Review: Baby Bedding

  1. So, just sayin … you do have custom cabinets in your kitchen, a custom pub in your basement, custom stair rails (almost finished), and I think even a custom firepit. Now you also have a custom baby quilt… I really am quite jealous, Mrs Doherty!!!

  2. Great post! Babies and moms are so lucky these days. I really loved the pictures!!!

  3. Love the fabric you picked! I wish we had known about Carousel Designs when we had our two (many moons ago). Our choices were designer and expensive that you’d never put a baby in the crib or big box store everyone has it. This design your own, deliveried to your door is GREAT!

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