mitten drama

So none of my mom friends warned me.  By the way, I swear some mom’s just want others to suffer just like they had to.  Bitches.  I wouldn’t do that.  I’m blogging about it to warn the others. This morning was our first snow day.  For anyone who doesn’t already know…it’s cold  freezing in New England.  We had a 90 minute school delay so I casually poured my morning cup of coffee while the kids got a few extra z’s.  I starred at the white snow and I have to admit it was peaceful, beautiful and quiet. (Cue the needle scratching on a record sound and don’t act like you’re too young to remember records)  What was I thinking? I couldn’t totally relax. I had things to do.  I needed that 90 minutes to find snow boots, snow pants, jackets, gloves and hats.   More importantly, I had to figure out what time the bus would arrive with a 90 minute delay.   The awake me would have simply added 90 minutes to their normal bus time 8:12 to get 9:42.  The “half asleep, mother of 4 brain” me decided to log onto the school website and see if they would just post the actual bus stop time so parents wont have to think???  WASTE OF TIME!  Eventually, I figured it out and the only thing left to do was to get the kids dressed and out the door.  All was going well until we got to the mittens.  We have done this routine a thousand times before but today she was “over it”.  Completely confused I tried again.  I unzipped the mittens, lined the thumb up and gave her my official head nod that her mittens were ready to hug her little hands.  That’s when it happened.  She dug her heels into the ground and became a mule.  She went from an adorable little 6 year old to a little brat in less than 30 seconds.  We had 2 minutes until the bus pulls up.  I took a deep breath and said “Come on honey.  You have to wear mittens on snow days so your fingers don’t freeze”.  “I dont want to wear those things! Mom? I need more than 2 fingers!”  (I laughed at the 2 finger comment. What?  You don’t like having your 4 fingers webbed together? What’s wrong with you?  lol) 1 minute until the bus pulls up.  Now I’m angry.  Missing the bus is a whole new crime.  Shooting daggers at my daughter with my eyes.  Swearing like a sailor (in my head of course) and what actually comes out of my mouth sounds simple but really has an underlying evil tone “Put the mittens on.  NOW!”  Tears welled up in her eyes and she did it because she knew I meant business but she was not happy.  “I hate mittens!”  Off she went.  Running down the driveway flapping her little mitten hands like a penguin muttering under her breath about how awful I am to make her wear “baby mittens”.  I closed the door and watched her climb onto the bus, sipped my coffee and wondered when the hell did mittens become uncool?  Now I know people…first grade.  In the first grade it’s very uncool to have mittens.  Spread the word. 


Did you know?  Grammatical errors are a sign of intelligence.  lol

7 thoughts on “mitten drama

  1. Keep drinkin that Starbucks, daughter, it’s the cure for all frustrations. Don’t recall the mitten drama when you all were young. But take heart, there’s more to come. Try to find the humor. It’s what keeps us going. love you.

  2. My daughter is only about to turn two and has already started with, “I don’t want to!” She will say it as if each word is its own sentence. “I! Don’t! Want! To!” Sometimes, I get the cute foot stomp, too. My only response lately is a sing-songy, “I don’t caaaare,” as I continue to do or make her do what I am asking to happen. I see I am in for this fight at random for years and years to come. Hee hee! Like someone else said, BRING IT ON! Again, I am LOVING your new blog!! You are so right on target.

  3. Because I was being pulled off my chair and away from the computer by a screaming, crying 18month old who wanted my attention I forgot to add that I LOVE your blog entry again today!!! You knocked it out of the park Ronda!!! xoxo

  4. Yes! I can totally relate! My Peyton (6 yr old girl…for those of you who don’t know) is as stubbern as a mule. When she doesn’t want to do something she would rather suffer the loud, mean yell and God forbid spank on the hinny, so I just know all of the winter accessories would be a daily battle for us!! My kids and I would never last up north. For one thing no one in our family can keep a pair of gloves or mittens without loosing at least one if not both of them quickly after we buy them. Also Luke jr. REFUSES to wear a winter coat on our cold (temps in the 30’s) days, hoodie is his choice of winter coat everytime. And just where do you northerners store all of the bulky, heavy winter gear anyway??

  5. oh in our house, jackets are the uncool thing! wtf, its 5 degrees and you are going to argue about wearing an appropriate jacket….oh no you are not! cry….bring it on!

  6. I have that fight constantly… and yes, mittens are out! I had the same fight with Abigail today, but over snack money… GET OUT NOW!

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